Having a Problem With Your Trailer?

We offer handy trailer repairs in Daytona Beach, FL

Your trailer is just as important for finishing a haul as your truck is. When your trailer is experiencing problems, it could seriously complicate your delivery. Luckily, Bob Barrett Truck & Trailer Service is here to help with trailer repairs in Daytona Beach, FL.

We're able to work on multiple trailer types, such as:

Van trailers
Refrigerated containers

Just like with our mobile truck repairs, our technicians can come work on your trailer 24/7. Reach out to us as soon as you need fast trailer repairs.

We'll get your trailer fixed up right

We'll get your trailer fixed up right

When you need a mobile truck repair, our technicians can also take a look at your trailer. In fact, it's possible that your truck issues are being caused by a problem with your trailer.

We can do quick welding repairs on your trailer to seal any holes or reattach any links. If you have a refrigerated trailer, our team is able to refill and recharge them to make sure they'll last for the rest of your trip.

Call our team at 800-972-5105 to get trailer repair services you can rely on.